What is Aeration?

Core Aeration

Regular and proper lawn maintenance tasks are important in creating a thicker, healthier lawn allowing air, water and nutrients to move into the soil to the roots which helps to alleviate soil compaction and help reduce thatch. These tasks play a significant role in supporting the overall health of your yard, but most homeowners will not do this themselves.  This is where Thrive Landscape’s aeration services come in. Our experts at Thrive Landscape are fully equipped, well trained and experienced to ensure to take care of lawn aeration.

Benefits of Thrive Landscape's Aeration Service

  • Alleviate soil compaction
  • Enhance grass growth
  • Reduce thatch
  • Increase exchange of vital nutrients

Thrive LANDSCAPE's Aeration Process

What to expect with our aeration service:

  • Thrives Landscape St. Louis’s lawn specialist will remove small plugs of turf, thatch and soil from your lawn using our spike, slicing, core or plug aerators.
  • Your specialist will carry out the necessary examination to determine if your lawn could also benefit from overseeding since aeration creates optimal conditions for seeding development and growth.
  • In a few weeks, the overturned plugs dry off and decompose thus adding nutrients back to your lawn’s roots.
  • New sprouts of grass will be visible growing in the aerated holes in less than no time.
Core Aeration

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