An essential part of proper lawn care is mulching, which is the application of numerous layers of materials such as bark chips around the base or soil surface surrounding trees, plants, flower beds to help retain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature, suppress weed growth, and prevent soil erosion for sloppy areas.

Thrive Landscapes mulching service offers installation of all your mulching needs depending on the type of mulch material you desire. We can apply soils, mulches, and composts effectively at the required measurements and proper fill for increased surface area and depth coverage. We use proven and advanced procedures to properly place mulch material in its required position.

At Thrive Landscape, we adopt an efficient delivery system of mulch material around your plants, flower beds, yards or ornamentals. We aim to achieve an even application and uniform distribution of mulch material where it is needed with little or less mess to surrounding areas. Our mulching process combines the use of both manual labor and advanced equipment to move mulch material from one location to another in a fast and efficient manner to help you create a better, cleaner and enhanced landscape design.


Our Mulching Process

  • Our experts will calculate the total footage of areas where the mulch is to be placed either by measuring the length and width of the beds with a measuring tape or wheel.
  • Once we have the size of the area to be mulched, we will calculate the amount of weed barrier needed using the areas length and width.
  • We will use all available information to make necessary calculations and determine the total amount of mulch material needed.
  • The areas to be mulched are cleared of all weeds using a weed cleaner and sprayed with fast acting weed killer to prevent further weed growth after mulching has been done.
  • The weed barriers are placed and adjusted to the right position.
  • All areas to be mulched are placed with mulch material at an equal of 3inches throughout to achieve uniformity.
  • Proper clean up after mulching will leave your property spotlessly clean and neat.

Our team is experienced to protect existing plants and landscaping during the mulching process as they will assess every job beforehand to identify, secure and safeguard vulnerable or fragile plants. This will allow us to proceed with caution whilst reducing and minimizing any damage whatsoever.

At Thrive landscape we use advanced systems and technology to help us access and place mulch in remote parts of your property whether up-hill, downhill, over fence’s, inside courtyards etc.

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