Seeding your lawn, the right way is an integral aspect required to achieve a beautiful and eye catchy lawn. Thrive Landscape’s lawn seeding services will make sure your lawn is properly seeded with healthy viable uncompromised seeds free from contamination or rot in order to create and achieve the lush, green grass at appropriate thickness and evenness. All our soil experts at Thrive Landscape have been well groomed on effective seeding techniques and practices to help you achieve all your specific lawn requests.

Our Seeding Treatment

The various types of seeding treatments we offer during each seeding process in St. Louis incorporates all three methods of seed application treatments. These includes:

Lawn renovation

Thrive Landscapes seeding experts are fully equipped on techniques to help restore, grow, groom and maintain a new or existing lawn whether it is for a new home, or an existing property.

Spot seeding

Our experts also specialize in re-seeding of bare or bald patches on your lawn damaged by human activities, pets, disease, pests, or wear and tear.


Our seeding expert have vast years of experience with overseeding techniques that involves the planting of grass seeds directly into your existing turf without disintegrating the turf or soil. This helps to refresh, restore and renew your lawn or yard within a shorter timeframe with healthy new blades of grass to enhance its overall appearance.

How our seeding service works

Your Thrive Landscape seeding experts will inspect your lawn or yard to determine whether your soil will need basic soil preparations and applications before seeding treatment commences. This soil preparations may involve properly measurement of certain elements such as soil PH levels, nutrients, moisture content, porosity etc. to make sure all the components are balanced and available in the right proportions and any thatch buildup noticed will be taken care of to allow the seeds germinate. Appropriate soil aeration processed will also be carried out to ensure your yard has sufficient supply and inflow of essential nutrients and minerals. Subsequently before seeding, all weeds will be removed and killed to prevent them from sprouting alongside with the seeds and depriving them of much needed soil nutrients.

Other Services

We strive to provide the highest quality services to our clients to achieve the results and satisfaction they deserve.

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