Thrive Landscape St. Louis’s paver patio design and paver patio installation services is certain to transform your outdoor area into a cozy attractive site for your relaxation or recreational purposes. With our innovative techniques, eccentric designs and exquisite touch, we will transform your outdoor space into an intriguing site and make it stand out.

At Thrive Landscape St. Louis, we are known for delivering top-notch high-quality paver patio installations to our customers. Whether your patio covers a wide or smaller area, our experts at Thrive Landscape are fully committed to working with you in changing your outdoor space from regular to exquisite in no time. No matter what your paver patio specifications are, be it traditional or modern, we will integrate beautiful patio paver designs and installations to match your budget.

At Thrive Landscape we specialize in using various types of durable materials in designing and constructing your patios including pavers, flagstone, crushed rock, poured concrete and architectural slabs. Our team of specialists can also help you to choose what shape, style, pattern, texture and colors best suited for your outdoor area. We can effectively and professionally handle all your respective either residential or commercial paver patio requests with a variety of options to pick from.

Benefits of installing Paver Patio’s.


Paver patios are constructed with strong long-lasting materials to reduce the chances of surface cracks, spots or discolorations. Paving stones are uniquely designed to withstand damage from harsh weather conditions, moisture, wear & tear.

Low Maintenance

Patio pavers will retain their look over a long period of time with little or less upkeep required.

Easy Repairs

Paver patio can be easily removed, restored and replaced with an exact copy of the damaged portion.


Paver patios will instantly improve the overall aesthetic look of your outdoor area.

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