Thrive Landscape is a highly rated, licensed, insured and certified landscaping service provider within St. Louis, fully equipped to provide all our esteemed customers with effective custom sod installations for all their outdoor and lawn needs. By working with the best sod installers at thrive landscape, we will help you with all your sod installation needs that will improve the look of your outdoor space. At Thrive Landscape we offer a wide range of sod related services for including removal of poor performing sod, sod transfer, fresh sod installation, sod maintenance and grooming. Our sod installation practices at Thrive Landscape infuses well tested sod installation methods and grooming techniques for quick results, enhanced growth and improved grass thickness.

Thrive Landscape’s consistency and commitment to constantly providing all our valued customers within St. Louis with quality sod installation for their new or existing landscape has solidified our position as a top rated, highly sought after service provider on all landscape related services. Our professional landscape designers and well trained sod installers will completely transform your yard with the installation of the sod type best suited for your soil type, using the right equipment and techniques.

Every great lawn starts with the proper installation and management of high quality & healthy sods required for a thriving green lush yard, we fully understand this and are capable of installing different sod types including; Buffalo, Zoysia, Bermuda, Fescue, Palmetto St. Augustine and Raleigh St. Augustine.

Our Sod Installation Process

  • On-site evaluation by our skilled sod installers
  • Measurement of total land surface area to be installed with new sod
  • Depending on result of initial soil analysis, the proper grass type is picked
  • Sod and top soil is delivered to the site
  • Sprinkler are sealed to prevent blockage by debris
  • Top Soil is raked and cleared
  • Fresh fertile soil is added to the yard
  • Sod is laid, shaped, leveled and rolledSod areas around tree roots and pavements are measured and adjusted accordingly
  • Sod areas around tree roots and pavements are measured and adjusted accordingly
  • Sprinklers are unsealed or holes for new ones are made
  • Starter fertilizer is applied to the newly installed sod
  • The newly installed sod is irrigated properly
  • Sod is inspected for adequate water penetration

Other Services

We strive to provide the highest quality services to our clients to achieve the results and satisfaction they deserve.

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